Thursday, April 12, 2007

Not So Full of Jit!

Caught actor/comedian/playwright Jit Murad's latest show Full of Jit last night at Actor's Studio, BSC. (Thanks for your company, Chet!) Full house. Audience 100% on Jit's side even before he opened his mouth (with receding gums ... sorry one of the jokes).

For me whether I encounter Jit on stage or hanging out in Bangsar, there's a big grin of delight on my face the whole time. He's such a nice guy ... one of the rare people who give me the warm fuzzies of the heart. I suspect that he touches others that way.

It's cathartic to come together and laugh about all those things about the country that would otherwise make you cry. The audience were hungry for someone to articulate the sillinesses of here. Jit's references were very topical - and he even included a joke or two about "the bloggers"!

I loved the way Jit could slip into those other characters, Renee Choy talked about his days as a shampoo boy and how he helped the bosses' daughter the supermodel with artificial insemination (don't ask!), but I liked best his elderly Malay gentleman, mispronouncing his words hilariously, and talking about corruption.

There was a change of pace in the second half when Jit performed the memoir piece he had previously read in an early draft at "Readings". I love this material, it's honest, moving and funny (although not in the laugh-out-hilarious way of the rest of the show) and hope that it gets developed even further - into a full-length performance or a book ... or both.

If you need another dose of Jit there's this piece from the Sunday Times and an interview with him on the Star website about his favourite things (including books).

(Photo at top nicked from NST)


Kenny Mah said...

If nothing else, I love the titles of his shows. Wasn't the last one called "Jit Hits the Fan"? :D

YTSL said...

Sharon --

You and Wong Tuck Cheong (of Kelab Seni Filem) make KL sound like such an attractive, happening place!

If only it had better public transportation... ;S

And Kenny --

May have missed something in between but I thought that Jit's most recent series before this was entitled "Jit Happens"... ;D

bibliobibuli said...

ystl - a lot does happen. i don't take advantage of a fraction of the good stuff and constantly kick myself. agree with you about transport. i take the lrt whenever i can but a good bus service would make life so much easier.

some venues i hate to go to simply because of the hassle of getting there. and i drive!

but bangsar shopping complex is just a taxi hop (or vigourous walk away) from the lrt

Chet said...

Sharon - thanks for the show and dinner last night.

I found the memoir section rather slow, but I guess I was expecting everything to be funny from beginning to end.

Last night was my first encounter with Renee Choy, altho I've heard of this character before. I love his interaction with certain members of the audience. The "raised arm" segment brought tears to my eyes!

Jit talked about how the reporters these days are calling him Uncle Jit, but he's as boyish as the last time I saw him, which was more than 10 years ago. This morning, while driving to work and thinking about the show last night, the words "one of Malaysia's treasures" came to mind. And that's what (or who) Jit Murad is.

Now I'm wondering if I should've bought a copy of his DVD.

Thanks again, Sharon.

gRaCe said...

i was thinking of catching Full of Jit too, then got lazy and fogotten bout it...maybe i shud reconsider since u and Chet enjoyed it so much..heheh..;o)

Chet said...

One of his Jit jokes in the show:

I asked my mother, "What do you do with Jit?"

"Flush it down the toilet, of course," she said.

Grace - dunno whether got any more tickets left. By the time Sharon went to get the tickets, some nights were already sold out, so she just bought whichever night still had tickets left. We got good seats, too - second row from the stage, with enough leg room for me, altho not for her.

bibliobibuli said...

yes, be quick if you want tickets, grace!

of course not enough legroom for me chet!! agree with you about the national treasure bit

gRaCe said...

aiyorr..okay okay..;o)

Chet said...

Who you going with, Grace? Someone who also needs lots of leg room, ah?