Sunday, April 08, 2007

Crass Commercialism?

Yes, that is an advert in my sidebar. My first ... and something of an experiment. Can I live with it?

Can you?

I blog for many reasons and making money has never been one of them. But ... I must confess, it would be very nice to have another source of income, and it seems fair that blogging pays a little since I spend so much (way too much!) time here. It might also help to finance my prolifigate spending on books.

I'd toyed with the idea of Google ads but in the end decided to go with Nuffnang (which apparently means "real good" in London street slang) because it is a local company set up by local bloggers which puts up ads for other local companies. And it has real people at the end of an e-mail and phone line (*a quick wave to Tim*) to answer questions and solve problems.

I am hoping that as more clients come on board my advertisers will be bookshops chains and publishers ...

But we'll see how it goes and how we feel about it. Your feedback greatly valued.


animah said...

Maybe it would give you credibility with the Malaysian powers that be. If you are doing it for money, then they'll understand you and no longer feel threatened.
As long as your ads keep to the corner somewhere and don't go flying across the screen every minute or so, I'm ok.

Timothy Tiah said...


Thank you so much for your mention.

I am truly appreciative of your support for Nuffnang.

It was a true pleasure having a chat with you the other day.

How lovely it was to hear the British accent again :P

Jen said...

i agree with animah - as long as they don't pop up, pop under, fly here and there, blink in technicolor ... i don't mind

sympozium said...

It's your blog site and you should be free to do whatever you like on it! I am all for you making money from the site.

YTSL said...

Have no problem with your advertising and hope it generates some income for you! Heck, the way you've been going, one would think that the likes of MPH and Popular Bookstore should have paid you something already!

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Congratulations! You have just won a Thinking Blogger Award. You don't know me, or know that I've been reading your blog, but I thank you for the time and effort you put into what you post. Your award instructions can be found here:

Now let me comment on this post. I have also been considering whether to allow ads, so I'll be watching to see what you think about it. So far we, your readers, don't seem to mind that you do it. I think it would be great to have bookshops advertising on my book blog:

bibliobibuli said...

wow bonnie! am knocked out that you nominated me. and perhaps even more so that you read me all the way from Chattanooga! will give my list of five a little thought and post it up in the next day or two

thanks all for being so supportive about the ads. we'll see how it goes. i guess that most advertisers are also playing wait and see so it is early days for nuffnang too.

glad you like the accent, tim, but it's getting eroded by manglishlah!