Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Poetika is Back!

You might remember a little poetry zine called Poetika which you could pick up, free of charge, some years back from the counter of Silverfish (and I suppose other venues). It was not much fancier than a flyer, a photocopied sheet folded to form four pages - but the writing, especially the poetry was very good, and it provided terrific encouragement to young writers . I first came across Jerome Kugan's poetry in Poetika, and I think it was where Sharanya first saw her work in print.

Now Poetika is back, about to grow into a more substantial publication, and Jerome is asking for submissions of fiction, short prose pieces and illustrations. The project has a blog.

The submission guidelines are:

1. Subject matter, style, form open.
2. Not more than 30 lines.
3. Send 3 poems max per issue.

Fiction Prose
1. Subject matter, style, form open.
2. Not more than 400 words.
3. Send 1 prose piece per issue.

1. Subject matter, style open.
2. Black & white works preferred.
3. A4 size max.

How I wish I'd kept those early copies of Poetika! But never mind, because Jerome says the first of the new editions will be a reprint of the previous issues, with a brand new issue due to come out in June.

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