Monday, April 23, 2007

Poets are Taking Over the World ... or at Least KL!

Nisha Sabanayagam has a piece in the New Straits Times today about the incredible renaissance of spoken word events and poetry in performance in KL. Yours truly gets interviewed, as does Bernice. Glad I am that the British Council gets credited with being prime mover. And I think she had fun at our poetry slam! (Just as well she didn't notice the python.)

I am just trying to finalise the line-up for "Readings" for this coming Saturday (still trying to nab my sixth reader) and will be posting the info a little later.


Anonymous said...

Great job, Sharon! Saw your face in NST this morning.

Am kicking myself for failing to attend any of those events! Well, hopefully, next time.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

My story made the finalist list of the Nanotale competition wohhoo!!

Show me some love and kindly vote me.


bibliobibuli said...

yvonne - turn up another day you will, and it would also be nice to get you to read

amaruhizat - oh my goodness!!! i am so happy for you. even if you don't win, that's a big fat vote of confidence in your writing

Leon Wing said...

Is the picture below, of the 3 singaporeans, taken by me?