Friday, May 25, 2007

Bounteous Bookfest

Popular Bookstore's Bookfest@Malaysia is back, bigger and better, Daphne Lee reports in the Star. This year the theme is Joy in Reading. The focus is on Chinese-language books and publishers from Taiwan and China will be represented.

The fest runs from tomorrow until June 3rd at the KL Convention Centre and will include a whole lot of events and activities.

Everything you could possibly want to know about the fest is here.


Anonymous said...

Popular never has anything I want to read. Plus, if you have to say you are... :D

Chet said...

Popular Bookstore is a Godsend because of the 10% discount for members. Every sen saved helps towards purchase of the next book. And the selection is almost as good as the other bookstores like Borders and MPH. I mean, I've found an Allen Ginsberg there before. This used to be such a "Chinese" bookstore, but not anymore. And then, there's the 50% Rebate table, too.

Nuri said...

I'm going to this fair on Sunday, where I'll probably be stuck in the English-section of each booth. =P