Monday, May 28, 2007

Putting on Maskara

Came across this information about a reading at Rumah Pena on the Universiti Terbuka PTS blog and thought I'd plug it myself:
Activiti MASKARA

MASKARA adalah akronim bagi “Majlis Baca Naskhah Kawan-Kawan Yang Kita Suka”

Majlis ini macam “Readings at Seksan

Acara ini, Insya-Allah, akan dijadikan acara bulanan. Berikut adalah maklumat MASKARA bulan Jun:

Tarikh: SABTU, 2 JUN 2007
Masa: 8:45 MALAM
Aktiviti: Baca cerpen, baca sedutan novel, deklamasi sajak dan bermain muzik.
Juruacara: Mat Jan.
Pembaca naskhah: SM Zakir, Amir Mukhriz, Panaharjuna, Jigo, King Binjai, dan Pink Platun.
Pemain muzik: Izzi dan Materabak.

Masuk adalah percuma.
I love the acronym which translates ... I suppose as Readings with Friends or Readings in Good Company. (And maskara is of course the Malay word for mascara!)

Am very pleased 1) that other readings are going on in the city 2) that others see the formula of our readings at Seksan's is seen to be worth following. (6 readers, 10-15 minutes each and time to chat and socialise). They go one better though and have added some music to the mix. (But then they don't have our piggies or La Bodega wine!)

Rumah Pena (24, Jln Dewan Bahasa) is a beautiful venue - an old colonial bungalow with a big garden in a quiet corner of the city. I went there when S.M. Zakir of Pena organised an event for us during the first KL Litfest.

Would like to say that if any of the readers for this event (and others waiting in the wings) want to get in touch, we would love to invite you also to read a bit further down the line at Seksan's: we aim to keep our readings bilingual, believing that there should, somewhere, be a meeting of both writing communities. (We'd even welcome writers in other languages if we could put a translation alongside!)


vovin said...

Dear Sharon,

Thank you for putting up the announcement.

Actually the event is organise by me and my fellow sindiket sol-jah (who produce Kalashnikov).

And yes, the lack of promoting talent from me lead to no one actually know the upcoming event. (and i do forget to tell you when we meet during Readings at seksans that day)

"Majlis ini macam 'reading at seksan" actually kind of misleading. Comparison to Jasmin's Doppelganger is more likely accurate because it's also includes few performance from musician, live performing arts etc etc. :P

This is our first shot for it and hopefully not the last.

My e-mail for further details:

nazri123456789 at gmail dot com

Thank you :D

bibliobibuli said...

you, vovin?!! very well done. i like the idea of adding music too. maybe we should have some unplugged stuff at our readings but i don't know who to approach. (apart from the very willing peter brown)

vovin, please do invite these guys to read for us too. i'm not sure exactly when because we already have a few readers and ideas, but i know that i am not doing v. well because i don't know many malay language writers and have to wait for others to suggest them.

i do hope this goes really well for you and you get the crowd you deserve. proud of you, mate!

Anonymous said...

Sharon, recently at No Black Tie (a doppelganger event) i liked how Rahmat Harun read his poem with a translation read soon afterwards by another person (or was it the other way around..). Maybe you could incorporate that next time!

As for readings at (the ever gorgeous) Seksan, the idea of adding music doesnt appeal much. The program is beautiful with just poetry, and poetry only (and a little bit appreciation of the arts, and wine!). I don't know.. Just my 2 pence lah.