Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Words and Tunes Resumes

Elina of KLue magazine sent me an email to say that the Words & Tunes Series will be resuming this Saturday, 3 p.m. at MPH in Bangsar Village II.

Ciplak, Jerome Kugan and Zedeck Siew will be performing ... but unfortunately Fahmi Fadzil won't be able to make it.

There will also be an open mic session for those who want to come up and do a 2 or 3-minute reading. You can sign up for it 45 minutes before the show starts with the KLue representative.

If you cut out the coupon on page 53 of KLue's May issue, you'll receive a 20% discount on selected titles.

(Click the image left to view full size).


Dina Zaman said...

gaaaaaaaaa will be at borders TS!

Eli said...

Oh I'm jealous. I want to gooooo.

bibliobibuli said...

eli - you gotta get something going in kucing!!!

ms d - it's all happening, hey?!