Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Yang-May on the Beeb

Malaysian novelist turned blogger and podcaster Yang May Ooi has this piece of exciting news to share:
Hi All

Fusion View seems to be making a splash in the world of blogging. I was taken out to lunch today by Chris Vallance, the presenter of BBC Radio 5's Pods and Blogs progamme. He wanted to meet me as he was keen to feature Fusion View on the programme. ...The slot will most likely be in next week's programme - on the radio it's at 2am (GMT +1) on Tuesdays (UK) and online it will be available for a week (International). I'm thrilled as the programme has around 1 million listeners via AM and FM combined even though it's on at such a strange time in the night! I'll let you know when it's broadcast so you can check it out.

I had a head-slapping moment when I thought about Yang-May. Remember how we put our heads together to suggest the books by local authors she should put in her suitcase, way back? Well I forgot to link to her post where she wrote about what she actually did carry back!

Blur? Sotong got nothing on me lah.

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