Saturday, June 16, 2007

Arise Sir Salman!

Salman Rushdie is to receive a knighthood in the Queen's birthday honours list for his services to literature, Buckingham Palace announced today.

Rushdie said in a statement:
I am thrilled and humbled to receive this great honor, and am very grateful that my work has been recognized in this way.
The Times of India has the story.

(And thanks Chet for the newsflash!)


Chet said...

I got my newsfeed from CNN.

Who else got knighted, too?

CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour, and Ian Botham, one of England's most successful 20th century cricket players.

As well as former KGB agent Oleg Gordievsky, who like Rushdie lived for years under the threat of assassination. CNN said it was "one of the most remarkable names on the list."

Anonymous said...

Christiane Amanpour? yuck.

btw, Miss Biblio, thot you'd like to know that the film adaptation of Ian McEwan's Atonement will be opening this year's Venice Film Festival.


bibliobibuli said...

ooh viz - want to see that. but am very scared of adaptations as you know ...

Anonymous said...

Should you call a female knight "Sir" ? do you get a suit of armour with that as well ? :)

bibliobibuli said...

women are made "dame"

i would love to see rushdie in a suit of armour. might protect him against future fatwas!

Chet said...

Oh, someone who will be knighted at the same time is Barry Humphries, the comedian behind the Dame Edna character. Wonder if he'll be Sir Barry or Dame Edna?

sympozium said...

Someone should make a cartoon series about a fish based on him: Salmon Rushdie! :-) (I hear Sharon groaning loudly hahaha!)

bibliobibuli said...

groan indeed, sympo

malaysian always pronounce the fish in the same way as this guys name. the "l" is silent!!! say "samun" for the name of the fish.

sympozium said...

Sellmon hahaha! :-)
Should be sam-mun :-)))

A Voice said...

Salman may be honoured by the Queen with knighthood but a man dead set wrote to antagonise ain't any worth to me.

I'm seelign away his Satanic Verse. Any buyers? Please note that this is a ban book!

Obiter Dictum said...

Now sin't that a happy thing?

Wish The Grand Ayatollah (Not Dato Hamid's son, BTW) was alive.

You go Aala Hazrath. (That was the name he was known by when in delhi)

bibliobibuli said...

a voice - my copy got stolen from my bookshelves - can't think who was in my house who might have taken it.

i haven't actually read it though many folks who were curious borrowed this copy. by coincidence a friend who is trying to sell a copy contacted me yesterday so i might buy hers.

aala hazrath wow!

Obiter Dictum said...

Well, Sharon, you haven't missed much by not reading it. The books starts with promise as most his books do (and some sustain it through out) but the plot with this gets odious, the characters or of caricatures.

I read the whole thing, hoping with every turning page that I would find something sublime. After all a guy who gave up a way of life for it must not have done it from something so boring.