Saturday, June 02, 2007

Next - World Domination

Wah! I'm ranked 293rd out of 5,000 blogs listed by Technoranki! (Discovered this by accident after following a lead from my site meter.)

Meanwhile, fellow Brit in Malaysia Shaolin Tiger is at number 18! Yay!

It took me a little while to fathom out why I was listed at all when other Malaysian blogs much more popular and linked to than mine, aren't on that list though ... and then I remembered that I had actually signed up with Technoranki some months ago and it was by invitation.

Apparently, membership isn't open to the general public yet, as it is still in development stage, but will be soon.


The highest ranked litblogger on the list is Dovegreyreader in 54th place.

Highest rated author blog is Samuel Pepys at 26. Well yes, I know he's been dead for three hundred years but nothing keeps a good blogger down, right?, particularly when he can add a little hypertext to his words. (Shaolin Tiger must be happy he's beating Pepys though.)

Exactly how the ranking is worked out is a secret, but two of the factors are traffic and Technorati score.

There are some thoughts on the site about what makes a good blog and criteria for ranking. The other listed blogs are really good and I had to drag myself away after getting engrossed in one or two of them ...


lil ms d said...

congratulations!!!!! you deserve it!

keep on blogging. i feel like chucking mine now :)

bibliobibuli said...

why ms d? you have such a love hate relationship with blogging ... but i miss your cyberspace presence when your words aren't around

sympozium said...

Congatulations! I am surprised you're not No. 1!

sharkgila said...

I love your blog. It's one of my daily must-reads. You have great content. Plus its nice to be reminded there's many book-nuts out there!

Hopefully one fine day my measley project might command even 0.25% of your audience count.

bibliobibuli said...

thanks for kind words both

sharkgila - happy to see you blogging books too, the more of us the better!

Anonymous said...

Wonder who the richest bloggers are though ? I mean the ones that made toe most money blogging of course. :)