Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Journeying Self

Beth Yahp's Creative Writing Workshop will be running again in August and I've heard very good reports about it from former participants.

Here's an edited version of the information I received. If you would like me to forward the full notice to you, please send me an email - sbakar at streamyx dot com or contact Mien Lor (details below).
The Journeying Self: Travel and Identity
A creative writing workshop © Beth Yahp 2007

This practical writing course takes the journey as its starting point. It is interested in how journeys shape identity: how the self observes, reacts, transforms or even reinvents itself as we travel through space and time, and how to capture these observations, reactions etc. on the page. This course is for anyone interested in travel writing (journey narratives) and life writing (memoir) that is reflective and engaging, utilizing the skills of both fiction and personal narrative.

The course will consider both the outer and inner journeys of the self: through space, time, heart and mind. You, the traveller, will focus your seeing eye, your heart’s ear. You will share tips, techniques and practices to help you capture their fruits on paper.

The course combines short presentations, writing exercises and class workshops to explore memoir, journal, travel and life writing, and the ways these genres can intersect and enrich each other.

There will be selected readings of hit-and-run travel tales, border-crossing stories, as well as accounts of inner journeys to generate ideas for your own writing, and launch your journeying self on the creative trip of a lifetime. Basic writing craft will also be touched upon: description, character, point of view, writing emotions and states of mind.

The course will run on 2 consecutive Saturdays, 18 & 25 August 2007, from 10.00 AM - 5.30 PM (7.5 contact-hours, with lunch and tea/coffee breaks).

Cost: RM450 (inc lunch & tea breaks); RM350 fulltime students/ unemployed
Venue: To be confirmed (PJ New Town)
Pre-requisite: adults with Proficiency in English
Number of Participants: 10 – 15. For more information and registration please contact: Mien Lor:

About the Teacher
Beth Yahp, an incessant traveler, has published short fiction and travel/ memoir articles in Australia, South-east Asia and Europe. She is the award-winning author of The Crocodile Fury, a novel, as well as a libretto, Moon Spirit Feasting, for composer Liza Lim, which won the Australian APRA award for Best Classical Composition in 2002. Beth is Fiction Editor for Off the Edge in Malaysia, where Five Arts Centre recently presented the play, That Was the Year, based on one of her short stories. She is currently undertaking her Doctorate of Creative Arts in Sydney, Australia, and will be in Malaysia for a short visit in July/ August 2007.


zubin said...

Hi Sharon, we met in UIA together with Nur Faridah and Animah. I wrote my first play Selipar Jepun and to be staged from July 20-22 at Stor Theatre DBP, checkout and I am now interested to write few more new works, never learnt about it just bulldoze it, but like to learnt it one day. Oh, did you see Beth Yap's That Was The Year at KLPAC? what do you think about it?

animah said...

Hi Zubin, I remember. I would love to come for your play. It has such an intriging title. One of the lines in my play refers to the British quaking in their wooden clogs. (This was 200 years ago, in Malacca). People would say to me, weren't those Dutch shoes. And I'd think to myself, well what was the equivalent to slipar Jepun back then?
Good luck and I'll see you at your show.

bibliobibuli said...

hi zubin - yes i remember! nice to encounter you here! bulldozing in is an excellent way to start and bys the time you come to take classes you will probably know it all! glad your play is being performed and will try to catch it. animah?

missed beth's play unfortuantely.

praveen said...

Hi there

Sorry for ging off topic

We're organizing a bloggers workshop this Sunday at KL featuring speakers like Rocky,Malaysiakini, Ahmad Talib, Nuffnang and Yvonne Foong.

For more details and to register please visit

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bibliobibuli said...

praveen - thanks for telling me but this time won't be able to make it. hope there are other occasions