Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Mantra Worth Repeating!

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Azwan Ismail has just written to tell me about Mantra! a new poetry magazine he's putting together which features the work (in Malay and English) of twelve local writers:
  • Nizam Zakaria
  • Rahmat Harun
  • Clarissa Lee
  • Taf Teh
  • Azwan Ismail
  • Fairul Nizam
  • Muslim Ismail
  • Mak Bedah Kampung
  • Tok Alang Nazri M. Annuar
  • Fadli Al-Akiti
  • Batsheba Zlikha Arsalan
  • kG
and art work by Mohd Zaki Ali.
Kata-kata sakti untuk sakit-sakit kita
reads the subtitle, most poetically.

It sounds well worth checking out. For further information & to get your own copy, send an e-mail to:


Well done Azwan, and all concerned!

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Ben Samin said...

forgive me for the shallow comment, but the cover artwork deeply reminds me of david bowie. I wonder why... : ) heheh