Thursday, August 16, 2007

Apostrophe Interpreted

The winners of the sixteen-word short story competition organised by KLue Magazine have been announced. I was one of the judges but didn't actually know who won (apart from Georgette!) till just now since although I dutifully scored the final selection of stories, there were no names attached (quite rightly).

The final selection was very good, but the best stories were like little haiku - complete in themselves, leaving space for the reader to fill the gaps.

The awards were given out at Central Market Wednesday night, but I was in no fit state to go after a twelve hour round trip to Nibong Tebal to see a student teach. Pity, as I know it would have been fun and so many of my favourite peeps there.

The sixteen finalists have had their stories interpreted in visual form by local artists, and the pieces are on display until Sunday at Central Market Annexe.

And the six winners get to go to the Ubud Writers' and Readers' Festival!

Biggest congrats and well done to Klue for organising such an interesting contest.


Lydia Teh said...

Boohoo I didn't win. Never mind la, now I don't have to worry who'll take my mum for her medical as the appointment is during the Ubud festival. Congrats to Georgette!

The Eternal Wanderer said...

16 word short stories, huh? Ouch, that's pretty hard!

But then, that ain't nothing 'til you get a load of these famous author's six-word SHORT short stories:-

My favourite has got to be Margaret Atwood's - "Starlet sex scandal. Giant Squid involved." LOL!

And two by Steven Meretzky - "I win lottery. Sun goes nova." & "Steve ignores editor's word limit and..."

Cool, huh? ^_^

animah said...

Nikita Lalwani's Gifted now available at Kino. Enter main entrance ahead of elevators, pass stern security guard on left. Behind him on the wall shelf, eye level. Trade paperback.

bibliobibuli said...

many thanks animah. must make a trip in the next day or two.

Natasya said...

Liyana won! Yay!

bibliobibuli said...

yes, i'm really happy for her

the win that made me smile - my really close friend saras

i didn't know she'd entered, she didn't know i was judging ... and i really loved her tiny story

saras said...

Thank you, Sharon. All the winners except for yours truly are very young and that's fantastic; writing is well and alive and blooming. There were over 8000 entries! And next month, Ubud, a magical gift. saras