Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Best at Borders

(Click to enlarge.) Borders at the Curve have some pretty tasty offers on books this week and there's still time to take advantage of the special offers!

BTW ear to the ground, I've heard that book retail space in the Klang valley is set to increase exponentially soon with very large new branches of Times and Borders springing up in newly constructed shopping malls. (Will let you know more when I know the details.)

Now then, where are the readers??


Eyeris waxes very lyrical about his bargains from BookXcess.


Madcap Machinist said...

border's is also having a loyalty scheme going on. collect stamps for every rm50 purchase and get an rm30 voucher when you've got the card filled up.

I'm still annoyed that they only told me about it after I had paid, and wouldn't give me an extra stamp for my rm98.60 purchase. I mean, they could have suggested I buy a pen!

bibliobibuli said...

loyalty schemes are dangerous. they make you buy more books.

Chet said...

Discount coupons from Sunday newspapers are dangerous, too.

Heck, just going into a bookshop is dangerous!

bibliobibuli said...

fatal! :-D

and don't these people know it!

Chet said...

There's a relatively new bookshop in my neighbourhood called A Thousand Tales, owned by a friend's colleague. After lunch the other day, I went to look for it, found it, walked in, and of course, bought some books. Non-fiction all three of them.


Chet said...

I stopped by Borders' display at The Curve and came away with ... nothing! I think The Big Bookshop offers better books. There was a copy of Mr Eng's The Gift of Rain. There were also a couple of other books with very similar covers to his book!

My TBR pile is still too high for me to add more to it, unless it's non-fiction.

Anonymous said...

loyalty schemes are not dangerous if you don't have the money :)