Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Beth Yahp in Penang

This should be good news for those of you in Penang desperate for a creative writing workshop. Please pass the news on:
FIRST TIME IN PENANG! Award-winning author Beth Yahp's popular creative writing workshops:
1. The Journeying Self: Travel & Identity (on travel writing and memoir), 2 full days: 15 & 22 Sept 2007
2. Creative Writing Workshops for Students (writing about People & Places), 2 four-hour workshops: 23 & 29 Sept 2007, 9 am - 1.15 pm.
For more info and registration, please contact: Michelle,; 016-4720911

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YTSL said...

Aiyah, why couldn't we have had a workshop like this earlier -- i.e., when I was still living in Penang? ;(