Monday, August 13, 2007

The Greatest Love Story?

What's the greatest love story ever written? UKTV Drama commissioned a study to find out what British readers considered the best literary romance ever written, Martin Wainwright reports in the Guardian.

Here are the top twenty stories that get the British female hearts beating fastest:
1 Wuthering Heights Emily Brontë, 1847

2 Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen, 1813

3 Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare, 1597

4 Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontë, 1847

5 Gone with the Wind Margaret Mitchell, 1936

6 The English Patient Michael Ondaatje, 1992

7 Rebecca Daphne du Maurier, 1938

8 Doctor Zhivago Boris Pasternak, 1957

9 Lady Chatterley's Lover DH Lawrence, 1928

10 Far from The Madding Crowd Thomas Hardy, 1874

11 = My Fair Lady Alan Jay Lerner, 1956

The African Queen CS Forester, 1935

13 The Great Gatsby F Scott Fitzgerald, 1925

14 Sense and Sensibility Jane Austen, 1811

15 = The Way We Were Arthur Laurents, 1972

War and Peace Leo Tolstoy, 1865

17 Frenchman's Creek Daphne du Maurier, 1942

18 Persuasion Jane Austen, 1818

19 Take a Girl Like You Kingsley Amis, 1960

20 Daniel Deronda George Eliot, 1876
(*Sigh* I'm still in love with Captain Corelli.)

The UKTV site lets you also check out who is your ideal hero/heroine with a fun quiz and sets out some useful rules for writing your own effective love story.


Sham said...

I am apparently sub consciously in love with Daniel Deronda ;)

KayKay said...

Why isn't The Time Traveller's Wife in this list I wonder?? A terrific love story.

Greenbottle said...

ali and nino - by kurban said

animah said...

Heathcliff. Apparently I don't do nice guys, it's fire, passion and lashings of angst. Tell me something I don't know.
Gosh, I'll have to read Wuthering Heights now.
Sham, who is Daniel Deronda? He must be nicer than Heathcliff.

Sufian said...

Phineas Poe and Jude

Greenbottle said...

everytime mr sufian said something i had to google it.

i'd love to see this gentleman's library.

Matthew da Silva said...

The greatest love stories ever written are Nabokov's. I'd rate 'Ada' at number one and 'Lolita' at number two. Another that needs to be mentioned is 'Pale Fire'. And let's not forget 'The Gift'.

Poppadumdum said...

I agree with Mr. da Silva regarding Lolita. Excellent book.

Argus Lou said...

Ooo... haven't read a few in the list -- should I? Old now but still a romantic, so I should.

How about 'Bridges of Madison County'?

Sham said...

Dunno la - he's George Elliot's character and the book is titled after him. I actually tried the quiz twice and ended up with the same man. I changed everything except for the dirty beachfront weekend and it was the same thing (I exxaggerate of course - but still!!!!!!!).

KayKay said...

And apparently my tempestuous persona requires a Catherine Earnshaw:-)

Subashini said...

haha, this is really funny, i got ol danny deronda too. but i've never read the book. *shame* guess i'm laughing at sham's reply since it was a close one for me between dirty beachfront weekend and thoughtful, considered present. i say why can't a girl have both ...

Anonymous said...

mr.darcy! mr.darcy! Jane Sunshine

Penanak Nasik said...

My ideal lover is Lizzie Bennet fom Pride And Prejudice. I had a feeling that she would be my ideal lover even before doing the quiz. I've always been fascinated with her after reading the book.So, anyone out there who is Lizzie Bennet personafied, please mail me. I want to know you ;p;p.

Penanak Nasik

Lizzie Bennet said...

Penanak Nasik,
I'll mail you if you're Heathcliff personified.

Penanak Nasik said...

Lizzie Bennet,

I seriously do not understand why everybody is fascinated with this Heathcliff. Seriously, i think that every man has the ability to be Heathcliff. Circumstances made him that way.

Answering to your question whether i am Heathcliff personified or not; i do not know the answer to the question. Maybe i am; and maybe i'm not; but not knowing whether a man is or is not what he claimed to be is part of the thrill of discovering a new personality. Wouldn't you like to explore for yourself? ;p;p... So, am i still getting a mail from you Miss Bennet?;p


Penanak Nasik

bibliobibuli said...

heathcliff, lizzie bennett - although you are from different books i think you sound like you are on the same page, so put me out of my misery and go out on a date together, even if it is only to starbucks!!

now, anyone else want to be fixed up?

(by the woman who married a rough diamond thinking she could polish him up)

lizzie bennet said...

Penanak Nasik,
And how should I mail you? Cross the windswept moors in my mud splattered petticoats?

Penanak Nasik said...

Mail me at lizzie. I'll be waiting,


Penanak Nasik

bibliobibuli said...

this is looking promising. you have to tell us all what happens!

Anonymous said...

Oh really??? *wink* wink*

Penanak Nasik