Friday, August 10, 2007

Malaysia Sun Caught Napping

Headline news for those who haven't realised that they have a much better story in their hands.
Two Indian names in Man Booker long list
Malaysia Sun
Wednesday 8th August, 2007
Ironic especially as the online newspaper boasts:
Our objective is to provide the most comprehensive Malaysian news available, from our resources, contracted wire services and an inventory of some thousands of sources comprising newspapers, cable and TV networks, radio stations, public broadcasters, NGOs and others, Malaysian news is a priority. ... National news comes first.
(What? No local blogs in that impressive list? Now that's the problem!)

Maybe, just maybe, despite all this bolehness, no-one here really expects Malaysians to be world class??

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Anonymous said...

You get all your latest news from blogs nowadays - NOT the newspapers. They are too slow.