Saturday, August 25, 2007

MPH Goes Spotty!

I stumbled upon yet another local litblog a week or two ago but was sworn to secrecy until the bloggers decided that it was time to launch the site officially. Now I can link it in my sidebar and invite the rest of you to take a look.

Redwhite Spot is written by the staff of MPH Bookstores and features news of events and book reviews. Welcome to the blogosphere you guys!

(I wonder, though, if Livejournal is a good blogging platform, particularly as it can be slow to load ... and WordPress and Blogger are whizzier ...)

Meanwhile there are a couple of MPH events this weekend. The Hi-Tea for Authors is happening this afternoon at MPH 1 Utama, and since the readings planned for today aren't happening, I will be there and on the panel.

The Breakfast Club, usually held on the last Saturday of the month, has shifted this month to a Sunday! Tomorrow in MPH Bangsar Village 2 you can catch up with Crocodile Fury novelist, Beth Yahp, and Yvonne Lee, author of the hilarious collection of mile-high anecdotes: The Sky is Crazy: Tales from a Trolley Dolly.

And the younger writers among you shouldn't forget that the closing date for MPH's Search for Young Malaysian Writers is 31st August. Screw your patriotism to the sticking place, as Billy the Bard might have said.


Anonymous said...

As someone who used to blog on Livejournal, I'd say that yes, it's an excellent platform, largely because of the 'friends' and 'communities' feature, conversations are threaded, and a lot of people there hunt others by looking at similar interests. Think Facebook meets Blogger. You can form close friends very easily via Livejournal.

Its only weakness (which the company is trying to fix) is that on the business side they're a little disorganised: they tend to be a very arbitrary in the way they handle abuse reports, and employees can just stroll in and make random statements to customers because they're allowed to say whatever they want. Very informal. Bit too much.


bibliobibuli said...

but then your blog takes longer to load than most y'know!

also i wonder if a company is in to the social networking thing so much??

Anonymous said...

Yeah, speed is king in this country, I've learned that much. People would rather you deliver product immediately, and then fix it later if stuff goes wrong. That's why stuff goes wrong a lot here (but they're fixed later when something happens.) :P

redwhitespot said...

I guess I got used to livejournal in UK and Korea, so didn't notice how long it takes to load here!

KarcyR's got a good take on LJ... I like the networking you can do on LJ, and knowing who's reading your blog and getting to know them too.

We'll just hope that the blog works out well. Thanks for linking us :)

bibliobibuli said...

your blog is faster to load than karcy's though for some reason. maybe the social networking think is a boon. i'm having fun on facebook and have already made some useful contacts.