Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No Seksan Readings This Month

So many people are away this being the school and college hols and all, and the MPH Hi-Tea for Local Writers is the same afternoon. So I hereby declare the readings at Seksan's due to happen this Saturday, postponed.

Bernice is organising readings at No Black Tie on 31st though, and I may make another attempt to fix something up before the fasting month begins especially as we will be in hiatus after that for a few weeks. See how it goes lah and who's around.

I have a long list of very good people who have promised to read ... it's just tying them down to a date!


Blookstore said...


Is that Seksan as in Seksan landscape architects?

If it is so, this world is very small indeed!

bibliobibuli said...

yes it is the same.

so now explain, what makes you say the world is so small