Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kindling a Desire for E-books?

Is the world ready for e-books? Brad Stone debates the matter in the New York Times and takes a peek at latest developments, including the imminent launch of Amazon.com's Kindle, an electronic book reader which will connect electronically to Amazon's site without the need for books to be uploaded via a computer. (Read up on the specs at Endgadget, from whence I shamelessly nicked the pic.)

Sadly users of other digital book devices, like the Sony Reader, will not be able to upload books from Amazon's site.

I reckon Kindle looks like a 1970's calculator. Not sexy.

Silly name too.


sharkgila said...

Can there ever be a good enough replacement for paper and the printed word? For one, it will be hard to duplicate the smell!

bibliobibuli said...

we already know what to do about that, o sharky one

joshua said...

i've tried using the sony reader once to read japanese comic. the visual effect was very believable it's as though you are flipping the pages.

i still prefer books at the moment but the idea of carrying a portable sony reader containing hundreds or thousands of "book" is tempting too :)

Anonymous said...

Ought to have nothing so much as a "don't panic" button.

Erin said...

I'm old fashioned and would never feel the same with someone digital over paper. Great header to the site BTW :)