Tuesday, September 25, 2007

FilmMaker Takes Short Story Award

Award-winning filmmaker Miranda July has just won the world's most prestigious short-story prize, writes Richard Lea in the Guardian, the 2007 Frank O'Connor for a collection described by Chair of the judges Pat Cotter as:

... a book of original genius
Her collection is called No One Belongs Here More Than You ... and I know you won't be able to stop yourself buying it if you visit the website she has set up to promote it. (Honestly, you have to go and check it out!)

The shortlist for this year's prize is here.


juzblue said...

That's the most brilliant website I've ever been to in a while! Thanks for the heads-up!! (Now, of course, I'm pining for the book and hoping it'll reach JB shore...)

:D juzblue

bibliobibuli said...

wah! thanks for the praise. my head is getting swollen. and i also want the book and those on the shortlist.

Joshua said...

The website was so brilliantly and creatively designed that I even wrote about it (together with a few interesting slides of her website) in my reading column in Sinchew Daily!

Read one of her short stories featured in Guardian. The tone, the theme and the characters are very much like her movie Me & You & Everyone We Know. It is one of my favourite films last year.

By the way is her book available in the local bookshop?

Sharon, will Twan be in KL anytime soon? I'm trying to interview him for a story in Sinchew about his book.

bibliobibuli said...

joshua - i must go back and find that story and look out for her films. you are a couple of steps ahead of me for sure!

twan will be back in kl next week flies monday. i can pass the message on to him here.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE miranda july. such a pleasant surprise to see her on your blog. if you're back from bali I hope you're resting well and if you're still there I hope you're still painting that tiny town red :)

- dizzyfirefly

bibliobibuli said...

i'm back, sadly ... how did you first hear about miranda july, dizzy? as a filmmaker? i haven't at all and feel ignorant. well, mean to put that right

Madcap Machinist said...

First time I heard of Miranda July was from that website. It was boing-boinged a few months back.

Anonymous said...

I found a copy of her book at Times KLCC recently. There was only one copy and it wasn't the monochrome ones (I really wanted the pink cover!).
The book was really good, and I mean, REALLY good.
Actually, I first knew about Miranda July from watching a Blonde Redhead music video :D
Blonde Redhead – Top Ranking
She's so fab.

The Great Swifty said...

Well, Miranda July had only done one film (so far) 'You & Me & Everyone We Know', which is pretty good (not that great, was kinda bothered by the characterization of the 'dad' character). It's indie and it might be pretty hard to find in Malaysia. Hmm.

Think her stuff might work better as stories than films, not sure.

Blonde Redhead rocks.