Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kite Runner Controversy

The filming of Khaled Hosseini's best selling novel The Kite Runner has run into controversy in Afghanistan where it is set, according to a report on the BBC website.

And if you've read the book, I'm sure you can guess which scene has caused the furor.

The novel has sold more than eight million copies worldwide. In the UK where it has sold more than a million copies, it's success is largely due to it's popularity among book clubs. It was voted the best book club read of the year for the second year running by members of the public and entrants of the 2007 Penguin/Orange Broadband Readers' Group prize according to the Times.

(The photo is from the BBC website and shows Ahmad Khan who plays Hassan.)


Anonymous said...

Really? Are they making a film from the book? Gosh, I LOVE THE BOOK!!! And I can't wait for the release of the movie if it's ever gonna see the light of day.

I cried reading "The Kite Runner" and after putting it down, I thought to myself that I will never be able to find another book which is as good as this.

I recommended to everyone I know and they all felt the same. I even bought some copies as birthday gifts. Hahaha!!!

bibliobibuli said...

it is a very good book. how do you like "a thousand splendid suns"?

you might like "in the country of men" by hisham mattar which is darker but explores similar territory

KittyCat said...

I watched the movie and it made me cry. I CAN'T wait to read the book! It's such a sad, sad tale but one with so much hope.