Monday, September 17, 2007

Style Tips from Rafidah

Got some style tips from International Industry and Trade Minister, Rafidah Aziz yesterday. A woman needs big hair and lipstick and a dapper little leather suit to be successful. Certainly not a dragged through the belukah hair style. And not a scruffy tee to blend in with the arty types who came to Amir Muhammad's book launch for Politicians say the Darndest Things.

But I am proudly wearing the name tag I got as a freebie with the book. I was one of the many Nik Aziz's walking around chatting to the Samy's and Mahathir's.

For photos of other celebs (ahem!) photographed with their dolled-up role models (courtesy of Hishamuddin Rais), and a full account of the proceedings, take a look at Amir's blog.

It was a fun affair, and it was so nice to meet up with friends I feel I've been neglecting over the past few weeks ... and to make a few new ones including folks who've popped up to befriend me on Facebook, but were hitherto unknown in real life. (Yes, I've got hooked too.)

Brian Yap read an amusing piece about turning national service into reality TV (perlease don't give the politicians ideas lah!), Amir read an older essay about khinzir (politicallly correct term for piggies) from Generation, the book he co-authored with Kam Raslan and Sheryl Stoddart.

Amir's book wasn't the only one being launched: illustrator Shahril Nizam's If Only, a collection of his words and art also made it's debut. Sharanya read just one poem - but it was so beautifully delivered. (The artist was outside at the time and missed it.)

Shahril is one shy guy, but so talented, and I am so happy to have this book after hanging round his blog admiringly for so long.

I came home and had my nose in Amir's book all evening, until Abu got annoyed with me.

(Photo by Nikki Tok. Many thanks!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you, everyone!

R J said...

article in The Star today.

animah said...

What a day for Amir. He also starred in Gol and Gincu on Sunday night as a ..... tabloid reporter. Hee hee.

Amir said...

Thanks for turning up Sharon! I was warned against having a public launch ("no one will turn up, they need to be invited, then others will gatecrash") so i am happy it turned out fine.

(Hmm, spam gets through even with word verification. Well, they target only the most popular blogs!)

Anonymous said...

Don't think you'll have to worry about no one turning up... someone will always be there :)

Spam can get through if it's manually entered.

bibliobibuli said...

and it can be manually cleared!

couldn't these guys have found a more relevant blog to spam???