Sunday, September 09, 2007

Times Secret Warehouse Sale

A friend told me yesterday that there's a Times warehouse sale on at the moment. (How come I didn't get an e-mail this time?)

Well, I got the rest of the information about it from the shoppingnsales blog, which also has a map. Can I stay away??


synical said...

It was in the papers the day before the sale.

And I didn't get an email about this sale either.

iwannaeatporkchoptonight said...

Hi Sharon,

Do you know of any book exchange programmes in Malaysia that's similar to Book Mooch? It would be cool if people could exchange books that they don't want anymore with those they want.


bibliobibuli said...

hi Sue, bookcrossing is the nearest thing and there's a group which meets monthly and they also have a yahoo group which you could join and arrange swaps

silverfish books in bangsar is a great place for bookcrossing and there is a shelf of freebies that other people have left to be taken

bookmooch is great and may well catch on here too but at the moment most of the members are in other parts of the world ... the postage would cost a lot

iwannaeatporkchoptonight said...

Yea I'm in bookmooch and as much as I want to participate in it, the books cost a lot to send over! For some strange reason, my heaviest books get requested the furthest from Malaysia most often! And I realised that if I keep on exchanging like that I might as well just buy all my books! Alright, maybe I should try bookcrossings and leave the books at Silverfish. Somehow I thought bookmooch is a great idea because it works on a rather fair point system. It will be superb if we have one here...

sns said...

Dear Bibliobuli

Tks for linking to

Appreciate it! Hope u manage to get some good deals from Times.

:) SNS

bibliobibuli said...

porkchop - i guess it takes a while to get ideas off the ground. if enough malaysian joined bookmooch the idea would be viable. setting something like that just for here would be v. difficult. but i do hope you find bookcrossing useful.

sns - welcome! you have a great website and i'm very grateful to you for your cluedupness!