Thursday, October 25, 2007

Malaysian Poetry Idol

Some pictures from last night's poetry extravaganza at Wayang Kata IV at No Black Tie.

As usual the event was entertainingly compared by Jerome Kugan and Jasmine Low doing their famous double act.

Jerome also rolled up his sleeves and sang for us:

Jasmine read some of her poetry, and Shahrul Nizam read some pieces from his new collection If Only. (And was a lot less shy reading than I thought he'd be!)

Then the six poets competing for three places to go to the Singapore Writers' Festival in December:

Priya K.

Liyana Yusof

Bathsheba Zlikha Arsalan

Datuk Shan

Patricia Low

And ... oh my goodness, realised that I didn't get a photo of Divya KM Jiwa! My biggest apologies.

Members of the audience got to vote for their favourite. Daphne Lee, Pang Khee Teik, and I were the judges and we looked for those whose words had touched us most deeply. The standard overall was high (and I'm so happy to see how far these guys have come on, performing their work). A special commendation to Shan for making us laugh and Zlikha for her dazzling showmanship which involved several changes of clothing.

When the votes and our marks were tallied, the winners were Priya, Liyana and Divya. Well done, guys.

I missed some of the later stuff as I was hiding from all the cigarette smoke which was bringing back the hacking cough I thought I'd got rid of. But who was the woman with the truly astonishing singing voice? I want to buy her album! And who was the hip-hop poet? I want him for my readings later on!


s.nizam said...

I was chemically sedated ma'am :)

Anonymous said...

to answer your questions:
- Zalila Lee was the singing voice! I tried to find her after the event but she found me first, and then I asked for an album or anything online but she said she had nothing. :(

However, I did find some youtube videos.

- Shinji, or his MC name "Figure Of Speech" and part of the musical collective The Works. They're very good and have a Myspace.

I hope your coughy mood gets better!

- dizzyfirefly (Liyana)

bibliobibuli said...

many thanks liyana

shahril - like dat ah? well you did great.

Anonymous said...

Someone called Bathsheba just DESERVES to win, don't you think ? :)