Saturday, October 27, 2007

Readings October ("Sticky")

"Readings" is happening again Saturday 27th October, 3.30 at Seksan's, 67, Jalan Tempinis 1, Lucky Garden, Bangsar.

We have a very interesting line-up with published, and about-to-be published Malaysian authors, and a couple of fresh new voices!

Thanks very much to my niece Shahnim Safian for designing the poster which you can enlarge at a click. Please feel free to copy it to your own blogs and pass on the info so that we get a good crowd.

I'm leaving this post "sticky" for the next few days so that it will remain on top and everyone can see it. Please check below for most recent posts.


Amir said...

and if you happen to be in singapore the night before that, do come to the launch party for 4 malaysian books :-)

bibliobibuli said...

will post your poster up front, amir

Woofie said...

not sure TTE will be reading this comment, stock level of his book in Borders/Kino Singapore is very low (0/1 only). I need to get a couple as gifts but can't find enough.

bibliobibuli said...

i will nudge him about it, woofie, so that he can chase up the distributor, pansing. i was in kino in kl yesterday and couldn't find a copy.

Woofie said...

thanks so much. especially he will be in town for the writers fest.

i loved the vivid descriptions of penang/ipoh so much, will be using it as xmas gifts this year for my caucasian friends :)