Friday, November 16, 2007

How to Take a Book Off the Shelf

Don't know the correct way to take a book from the shelf? Need some instruction?

Ceri Radford in the Telegraph picks up some tips from that queen of all things domestic, Martha Stewart:
Rather than tug books off the shelf by the upper lip of their binding, risking damage, try this: Push in the books on each side of the volume you want, then pull it out by grasping both sides of its spine. You'll also know where to return it. Look for the two books that are pushed out of place.
Now go away and practice till you get it right!


synical said...


Eerrr... oh kaay, then. Right.

That's all I got.

gnute said...

I work at a library part-time and spend hours shelving books (I like to call it defragmenting the library!). We're actually trained to handle books this way! :)

bibliobibuli said...

defragmenting the library love it!

Rob Spence said...

Brilliant - it's clear that this produced by someone who cares a lot more about what the books look like than what's in them.

Argus Lou said...

Never knew I was mishandling books all this time. I do care about books, and also do care about keeping them pristine - thanks, Ms Stewart and all careful librarians out there!

Anonymous said...

Just don't try this with open-backed shelves, if you push the book, it will fall over the other side :)