Sunday, November 18, 2007

Oh No, Kino! Danger Warning

How can the best be made better still?

Kinokuniya is expanding its floor space, expanding the range of books it sells and improving (its already excellent) customer service.

Elizabeth Tai in Starmag is left with only one question which could equally well be mine:
... will my credit ever take the increased strain?


Anonymous said...

If there's a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.
A good book has no ending.

Best regards, A stranger who paused here.

Alice Teh said...

Same here, Sharon. My AMEX is already crying uncle...

marineko said...

We try to please, mwuahahahah. :D

Actually right now I'm still somewhat disoriented with the shift. Someone would ask for a Coelho and my hands automatically reach for the shelf that now houses Dan Brown. Oops.

savante said...

Seriously. I almost had an orgasm when I saw the expanded premises.

Have you been to the huge Times in Pavilion yet?

animah said...

Yay for Kino. Might drop by for a quickie at lunch time today.

Not going to the new Times. Am boycotting Pavilion as my old school was knocked down to make way for yet another shopping complex.

kamal s said...

The new Times @ Pavilion is the best. Why? I found a kamasutra manual there. No, I don't lie. Did I buy it? (smile...............)

New Kino.....I was aghast that they had moved the literature section to the Plebeian corner. My "humps" was occasionally brushed by passerby(s) while I was busy browsing. Not cool at all. I hope they'll move it back. And I am also frustrated with the Xmas promo selection. They totally alienate serious literature readers, in my humble opinion. Why can't they select Denis Johnson's lates award-winning book? Or any Mailer classic?

Has anyone seen MPH's latest Xmas catalogue?

Dear Animah, get over it. I'll buy you some J.Co donuts, okay?

Elizabeth Tai said...

The answer to my questions is that I leave my credit cards at home: Leave home without it!!

Being a lover of graphic novels and manga, I fell in love with the expanded premises. But I have a very eclectic taste in books so I'm in general very very ok with the bigger kino. ;)

savante said...

Preferred the original graphic novel section though. Now how do I tell which is the latest!

Anonymous said...

I just did a double-take when I read "Xmas promo". It didn't say what I thought it said the first time :)