Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pay Less in December

Ok, what you really want to know is not whether Asian and Western story arcs are different (and what does it really matter in the long run anyway provided that a novel is well written and we enjoy it?) but when you can get your next infusion of extremely cheap books.

Voila! (Click to enlarge.)

And talking about book buying, has anyone been to the huge new branch of Times at The Pavillion on Bukit Bintang? Like Animah I really am heartsick at the tearing down of a historical building (Bukit Bintang Girl's School) to make way for yet more retail space, but I have always had a soft spot for Times which has tempted me into too many unplanned purchases to mention.

Actually I think I'd better stay away!


Chet said...

Times Pavilion is lovely. For their launch, they had a display wall showing the covers of books by Malaysian authors. The display is still there. There's a picture at Lydia Teh's media blog.

Level 5, Pavilion.

I suppose the Big Bookshop's sale is still ongoing?

synical said...

I like the place, but I doubt that I'll ever buy anything there.

Last I checked, the Big Bookshop sale is still going - it's now a permanent fixture in Atria.

Chet said...

Sorry, it's Level 6, Pavilion.

For me, Pavilion is the cinema at the other end from where the shopping mall is.

bibliobibuli said...

big bookshop's sale never ends but stocks not replenished for a very long time

i wish someone from times had let me know about the launch ... how come the rest of you knew and i didn't?

Chet said...

I knew because Kam Raslan was going to be there. I wasn't officially invited, and I didn't attend, just sort of hung around the edge for a while.

bibliobibuli said...

just think of the publicity they might have generated if they'd invited bloggers! poor PR!

savante said...

Not to mention that Times offers an on-the-spot discount! And I love that!