Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Awang Goneng Roadshow!

Awang Goneng (Wan Ahmad Hulaimi) is a writer very much in demand and working tirelessly to promote Growing Up in Terengganu.

Firdaus sent me this link to pictures and a video of his session at the International Islamic University.

His wife Kak Teh describes how Huliami was asked by the Chief Minister of Terengganu to speak at an event called Sembang-sembang Awang Goneng, and how:
... when he spoke about the need to keep the people, the soul of the city, in the city, to grow with the development, he got a bit emotional and couldn’t speak for a while.
If you have hitherto missed Awang Goneng, you can catch up with him at MPH Midvalley on Sunday 20th Jan, 3-4 pm.

Was delighted to find this short video clip of Hulaimi singing at the reading at Seksan's. This is a moment of pure magic. Thanks so much to "Akarimomar" for uploading it.

(Pic nicked from Kak Teh's blog.)

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Jane Sunshine said...

Thank you, thank you....this makes up (a little) for missing the actual event.