Monday, January 07, 2008

New Malaysian Titles - Coming Soon

Some great new books from independent presses are about to launched. This announcement came to me via Facebook and I guess it was Amir M. who sent it:
Matahari Books launches New Malaysian Essays 1 in February 2008. Together with it, are two other books: The Old House and Other Stories and Kasut Biru Rubina.

Kuala Lumpur, January 07, 2008 – In February 2008, there will be a launch heralding new and older voices in the literary scene. Ali, Apu and Ah Beng may have heard of some of them, and may not, which is why Malaysians should go out and get the books when they are in the market next month.

Matahari Books which previously published the best-selling Malaysian Politicians Say The Darnest Things (Vol 1) by Amir Muhammad (writer, film-maker Amir has added another feather to his cap: he’s behind Matahari Books) will be launching New Malaysian Essays 1, featuring the talents of personalities such as Sonia Randhawa, Brian Yap, Saharil Hasrin Sanin, Burhan Baki*, Aminudin Mahmud and of course, Amir. Their essays which border from scathingly humorous to tongue in cheek and yes, illuminating, will have the reader viewing Malaysia in a different light. Which can be good. Or bad. It really depends on how you look at it.

Each essay runs from 20 to 50 pages and the large-format paperback book includes photos, illustrations and even spoof advertisements. It is hoped that this is the start of an annual series that concentrates on Malaysian non-fiction.

Two other books will be launched as well in February, and they are both short-story collections: Chuah Guat Eng’s The Old House and Other Stories (Hologram Publishing), and Sufian Abas’s Kasut Biru Rubina, (Sang Freud Press) (in Bahasa Malaysia) will make their debuts.
More about each book later. Chuah Guat Eng will be appearing at the next Readings on January 26th and Sufian Abas in March. I also need to pull in some of those essay writers, don't I?

Oh and before I forget, Bernice Chauly's new book will be launched at January readings too.

Adibah Amin also has Glimpses, a new collection of her newspaper columns coming out and Amir has written the introduction.

Is it just my imagination, or are things really getting vibrant around here?

(*Burhan Baki - so long I haven't heard news of you! How's UEA??? Are you on Facebook?)


Amir said...

Eh no, the press release was written and spread around by Dina Z, who's volunteered to do PR work!

bibliobibuli said...

ahah. yes, got it from dina but thought she was just passing it on. mystery solved!

lil ms d said...

next readings will be at NBT ya?

bibliobibuli said...

no = seksans on 26 jan

animah said...

Bernice is launching a book? Yay! I'll be there then. What kind of book is it?

bibliobibuli said...

poetry and prose ...

Burhan said...


haven't dropped by for some time. i'm not at uea...couldn't find the money.

instead i'm at scotland doing my math+philosophy phd. got a scholarship for that.

bibliobibuli said...

am sad that you are not finishing and polishing your novel which sounded really great from the extract. please do not bury it in a drawer for years!

but i am happy for you getting the chance to do your phd and in such a fascinating area.

enjoy bonnie scotland

we miss you! stay in touch!