Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pay Less Moves Out

From Pay Less Books:
We are having MOVING OUT SALE in PAY LESS BOOKS below:

Carrefour Subang (Lot B1.01, Level B1) - Until 30 January 2008

Amcorp Mall (Lot 1.70, 1st Floor) - Until 30 January 2008

Summit USJ (Lot 1.32 & 1.33, 1st Floor) - Until 15 February 2008

50% off Storewide!!!

Why, ah?

Over the last few weeks I've got to know Elke, the owner of Pay Less (and a great lady!) who is doing my creative writing class. She tells me that the rentals in the shopping malls have increased and increased to a level where it is no longer viable to maintain the shops. It makes more sense to sell book via the warehouse sales - so expect more of those.

I guess also there is the increased competition from shops like BookXcess and Big Bookshop which are selling brand-new books at knock-down prices.


Ted Mahsun said...

Such a pity! Especially because I visit those 3 Payless stores the most often :(

Anonymous said...

If they'd brought in more UK editions I'd have bought from them. Don't like those US editions.

synical said...

I haven't found anything substantial in the Amcorp outlet, and it's too far for me to go to both the USJ and Subang outlets, so no complaints from me.

I find more during their warehouse sales, anyway.

Messy Christian said...

I don't know .. these days I don't find anything of worth from the stores ... and I often end up back at Kino buying more expensive books because the selection is better. But do feel sorry that they're moving out.