Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Historical Fiction Giveaway

Who's into historical fiction?

I have a single copy of Anne Easter Smith's latest novel Daughter of York in trade paperback edition to give away to a blogreader thanks to Katie Bowen of Simon & Schuster. Described as:
Enjoyable, beautifully researched - a vivid portrait of one of history's most enigmatic women ...
the novel tells the story of Margaret, Plantagenet princess and sister of Edward IV and Richard III.

You can find out more about Anne and her book on her website, and I enjoyed this short video in which she talks about the process of researching and writing a historical novel and the challenges having to juggle real and imagined characters.

If you would like a chance to win this copy, say why you'd like it in the comments. The best reason wins!

I'm going to limit the competition to readers in the KL/PJ area who can collect the book from me in person (and maybe buy me a cup of coffee at the same time). I am too lazy to do that thing with envelopes and stamps.

And I hope to find some more giveaways for you all in the future.


karen dcruz said...

because im a historic fiction buff.. and because im the first to comment and one of your biggest fan :)

Lat said...


I am the one you met at the writing conference in March 2007, reading Agatha Christie. You said, you never quite read much of her works. You gave me your card, and since then, your blog has been part of my daily routine! I would like this book, because I have hardly read historical fiction and would like to give it a try (yes, a freebie is always nice)...and what I would love to offer in return is a cup of coffee and a chance to talk about Agatha C and also all sorts of other books!

How about taking a chance on an engineer with a passion for reading?

jawakistani said...

Pick me Sharon!

Why? Because then we would have a chance to meet up and you'll get to see my little precious.

I think you'll like her, I'm introducing her to books now.

bibliobibuli said...

actually i want to see all of you - very much. i am going to play fair by drawing names ... with my friends to witness. will let the contest role until the weekend and announce a winner sunday. that ok?

Chet said...

Maybe you can arrange a little tea and have each of these contenders say something about why you should give them the book. That way, you get to see all of them.

bibliobibuli said...

that's a nice idea!

Anonymous said...

Wish I can join, but I'm on another archipelago! :D Been a fan of your blog ever since, Ms. Shar.

KayKay said...

Good historical fiction captures the essence of the time it sets its tale in seamlessly, allowing readers the opportunity to travel upstream along the timeline to visit places and engage characters in the past. It gives you the chance to place in context past events that have relevant echoes in the presence. It's the history lesson you should have had in school while your eyes glazed over pedantic textbooks and droning teachers.

.....So, cikgu, how, you like my essay ah? Can gimme the book or not??

Fei said...


This book has everything I ever want to read--Herstory.

I wish I could join u all too for a tea session, but I'm busy with the coming GE. I really wish to indulge myself with books again, and this book surely is a great start, don't you agree?

karen dcruz said...

Hi kay kay,
i so agree with you. have you ever read books my Philippa Geogory? I love her books; the Other Boelyn Girl was amazing.

I find it a bit sad that people don’t enjoy reading books of this genre thou. Yes, i will agree that history is unbearably dull . But if you give it a chance, you will find these stories are so much more entertaining than the books churned out in today’s market.

bibliobibuli said...

kaykay - knowing you as well as i do (with your voice now always in my head so i know exactly what you will say about any given novel) i don't think this book would be your cup of tea but that's such a smashing answer i shall have to find another book for you

seige - very nice to hear from you and hope things are going well for you. i should send some local books to you but i hear it isn't very safe to post parcels to the philippines. let me know how i can get stuff to you.

karen - my younger sister used to really love phillipa gregory. historical fiction was never my thing but she was so into it.

River of Karma said...

Hey there,
Moi would like to put his name in too.

Thank you.