Monday, February 04, 2008

The John Keats Poetry Slam

As promised, Poetry Slam has finally made it to KL!
"The Points are not the point. The Point is Poetry"

Organisers: WordForward & The Dram Projects

Date: 23rd Feb

Place: The Loft, Zouk Club, 13. Jalan Ampang, KL

Time: 7pm-10.30pm

Cover charge: RM10 gets you into Poetry Slam and allows you to stay on at The Loft for the entire night.

Stand up and be heard at KL Poetry Slam, an on-the-spot three round poetry contest in which poets perform, recite, or read their works on a stage before an audience and under a time limit (usually three minutes each). The vital element in a poetry slam is that the poems are judged immediately afterward by five people picked randomly from the audience who award numerical values (from zero to ten) to each poem. Individual or group that scores the highest points, wins the competition.

Poets should prepare three poems (approx three minutes in length each). The poem for the first round MUST contain a line from a John Keats poem as the slam falls on the death anniversary of the poet.

To register email Daphne at

For more information about Poetry Slam call Daphne at 016-328 1513 or go here.
So ... er ... who exactly was this John Keats bloke and where can you nick some of his lines? Follow me and I'll show you.


Catalina said...

I am a HUGE fan of Keats: this is on my Must-Go's for February!

The point is not the point, the point is John Keats! <3


midnite lily said...

John Keats!!
I wish I was there...

Natasya said...

Huge fan of Keats, huge fan of The Loft. Perfect!

Ili said...

John Keats!!!! Yay! Poetry Slam, double yay!!!!

Sharon, do you mind me reposting this on my blog?

bibliobibuli said...

please do. the more publicity the better.

Diyana said...

wow.. awesome!