Thursday, February 21, 2008

Renting Books in Bangi

In a country where libraries are fairly scarce and not always as well stocked as you would like them to be, and where not everyone can afford enough new books to support a serious book addiction, book rental is a godsend.

Welcome then a new kid on the block the Q'reazant Literary Rental Store set up by twin sisters Raja Ezatul Akhma and Raja Nazatul in Bandar Baru Bangi. The collection, says Akhma :
... consists of the latest and fairly new English and Bahasa Malaysia fiction and non-fiction of every genre; including university textbooks.
They also seem to be offering a whole range of services including reading classes and tutoring.

And here's a question I'd like to pass on to you :
Since there have been quite a number of book renters operating in and around Klang Valley, we were wondering whether there is a Book Renter Association of some sort. Booksellers have their Malaysian Booksellers Association (MBA) and the distributors have their Malaysian Book Exporters and Importers Association (MBEIA). For a very small business like ours, we feel that it would be best if we were to be a part of a group where we can share ideas on how to improve our services, organize book clubs and figure out how to get more Malaysians to read etc. We highly appreciate any information and thoughts on this matter. Thank you.
Even if there isn't an association of this kind perhaps there are some owners of book rental shops who would like to get in touch with Akhma. (E-mail: 03-8922 3825)


E. Lee said...

This is an excellent, awareness-raising post, Ms. Bakar.

Book rental shops may not be everyone's literary cup of tea, for those who like their tomes spanking new and fresh off the shelf, but these rental shops provide an important service, in ensuring that the written word is accessible to all.

Amir said...

How to pronounce the company name ah?

Kak Teh said...

It is wonderful to read stories like this as it is wonderful to know that there are people like Dr Bubbles who is now onto his second library project - equipping the second orphanage with books and book racks. And it all started with just two book tokens!

k said...

i just love this concept!

** off-topic, zero relevance whinge: this comment word verification thingy makes my eyes go woozy. the font style is impossible! **

Chet said...

This reminds me of Early Edition in Taman Tun Dr Ismail - pity it closed.

There's a book rental shop in SS2 called Novel House - not sure if it's still in business.

Leon Wing said...

BC library is closing this April, so have to look for another book source. I know, from postings and comments here, that I can forget about the KL library - outdated books - and I think it could be the same with the National Library.

Anyone knows any other rentals around KL (not PJ), with less concentration of US books (sorry those who love American authours)?

Nazatul Akhma said...

Hello everyone! I’m Naza, the co-owner of Q’reazant Literary Rental Store. Thanks for all your feedbacks so far. From our short experience of running this business we can honestly tell you that book rentals do not make much money. I suppose that is the reason why not many book renters can stay in business for long. And that is also why we have to add in other services like tutoring and language class. Some other book rental shops will add in photocopying and printing services.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know who "Dr Bubbles" is, but there's someone who doesn't whine.