Saturday, March 29, 2008

Biblio Bathtime

Sharanya sent me this lovely picture of a biblio-bathtub which she found on Boing-Boing. Designed by Anthonio Lupi, it will set you back a cool US$17,300!

I seldom actually read in the bathtub, and then only magazines I don't mind getting wet, but Alastair Harper on the Guardian blog considers it the height of civilisation.

The Asian bathtime being generally a splash and grab affair, I don't suppose many of you have had a chance to get into the habit, have you?

Perhaps someone should introduce reading spas as the ultimate in relaxation? It isn't half as stupid as the idea of having little fish nibble all the dead bits of skin off your legs! Eyucks!

Returning though to the subject of bookshelves, Lindsay Irvine asks whether our books couldn't be organised a bit more creatively and points the way to a new blog entirely devoted to the subject, just for fetishists (like me!)


anna said...

oh gosh, I want! :)
I read in the bath all the time... But only books that are *already* old and tattered...

savante said...

Ooh how can you tempt me! Now I can't live without that wonky bookshelf!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh i want them shelves and bath tub! We have just about 1600 books up in our attic and it is fast flowing down to the living room. I love that odd shape shelving!

FlossieT said...

Ooh! Have you seen the book staircase??

I want one of these. No, wait - I NEED one of these.

bibliobibuli said...

those are great. might stick the photos up front another day, flossie.