Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Man Asia Wants Your Manuscripts

For those of you eligible and with a manuscript ready to go, the deadline for this year's Man Asia Literary prize is 31 March. (All you need to know about submitting is here.)

Literary Saloon still finds the definition of "Asia" way too narrow and says this:
... remains a South/East Asian rather than truly Asian literary prize.
and also links to Sheela Reddy's interview with prize-head Peter Gordon in Outlook India.

The panel of judges (the ethnicity of which stirred controversy last year) now includes Indian author, Pankaj Misra.


Faizal said...

hi there.. I just found your impressive blog about books, I like books too.. but, I don't write much about book, just sometimes I review book within my field only. it feels so good met with your blog.

bibliobibuli said...

hi faizal, it's nice to meet you. i see "your field" is law. i end up proof-reading a lot of legal documents for my husband. and yes, sometimes it can be engrossing stuff!

Vinayak Raghavendran said...

hey!your blog is really informative
you rock pal!

Vinayak Raghavendran said...

i would be glad if you could me to your blog roll..
i have already added you.. eagerly waiting for your reply

tensor said...

pls visit my blog and comment on them even criticism is welcome

bibliobibuli said...

most of my listed buddies are real life friends or friends i've made through blogs (i.e. folks who i regularly leave comments here) or people writing about books. i don't feel actually that i should add people automatically because they have added me ... and sometimes i feel suspicious that i'm being used so that others will get a higher blog ranking and therefore earn more from their ads.

tell you what, participate in discussion from time to time and i'll add you later.

bibliobibuli said...

your blog clearly reflects your interests (cricket, computers ... but not books!) and is nicely written but you break one cardinal rule of blogging - you should cite your sources and use hypertext to link them.