Sunday, May 11, 2008

Preeta at Columbia

Preeta Samarasan's novel Evening is the Whole Day is now out in the US and is now on tour promoting it. (Chet has details here.)

Nic Wong organised the reading at the Columbia University bookstore, and here he is with Preeta (sitting), and friends Evelyn Phan, Amanda Yap, and Louis Ho.

Nic says Preeta read most of Chapter 14 and then there was a discussion (among other things) on the value of history in political fiction, and the problems facing a Malaysian novelist in finding a language that fits.

All I can say is, I wish I'd been there!


Chet said...

Me, too! I left a note on Nic's FB wall to say I was glad AND jealous that he got to see her at one of her tour readings. Of course, he did more than that - he organised that reading!

Burhan said...

omg, his hair. cool

Anonymous said...

I wish you guys could've been there too! It was really fun to chat with all these energetic young people who are actually familiar with Malaysia, and Nic not only organised the event but contributed some great insights during the discussion. All in all, an invigorating experience for me, and I hope to have more like this on the tour!

-- Preeta

Amir said...

Aww, Nic looks so grown-up and all!

bibliobibuli said...

nic is now officially mr. eligible bachelor. form an orderly queue girls.

Anonymous said...

It's absolutely cool :)are writers ever eligible ? :) I pity the girl who marries a writer lol :)

PS. I like his hair too :)