Friday, May 02, 2008

Quality an Issue in Malaysian Printing Industry

The Bookseller has a special digital supplement about printing in the Far East. China is currently the industry leader in the region, best in price of quality and service, but there are worries that as the economy grows much of the country's capacity will be taken with printing for the domestic market. Wage expectations are also pushing prices up.

The industry is looking increasingly to some other parts of the region, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. (Macmillan which set up a Far East office in Hong Kong is reportedly viewing Malaysia as part of its the long term strategy in the region.)

Malaysia is apparently significantly cheaper on some print jobs, but the big issue is apparently quality. Even though this country has the most modern print technology, it's a less than sophisticated industry. Some customers interviewed in the article have moved their business elsewhere.

Another problem is that while there are designated print areas in other countries, in Malaysia the industry is spread out across the country.

A third thing that seems to be scaring investors :
Some people also fear that the government could become more anti-west in future ...
One does wonder where they take their information from?


Anonymous said...

It's true.. the color is wrong, the bindings are very primitive, the paper isn't glossy enough.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to see how the anti-west" thing came about. Some folks led by that socialist MP (I forget his name) were protesting the building of a French hypermarket earlier.

It's easy to see how, if you're not actually in the country, from a distance it looks as if the socialists and islamists will be running the country soon.

. said...

In the 20 years I spent outside of Malaysia, I had the opportune to buy exactly ONE publication printed in Malaysia, and that wasn't even a book, it was a magazine.

On the other hand, in almost every single bookstore that I've been, in Australia, the Americas and Europe, I see books printed in Singapore.

Quality books too !