Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Return Them Books, Johoreans!

For those users of the Sultan Ismail Library in Johor Bahru who completely unclear on the concept, it works like this :

You go to a library to borrow books.

The last time I looked, the word "borrow" carried the meaning "keep temporarily and then return".

The Star reports today that of the 6,471 books borrowed from the library, only (wait for it) 40 have been returned, despite an amnesty campaign.

I talk a lot about the need for public libraries on this blog, but sometimes you have to think that folks just do not deserve them. Still, looking on the bright side, the library may beat the Pahang State Library for a place in The Malaysian Book of Records.


Anonymous said...

Last week I went to National Library, return the so-long borrowed books. I was fined and cost me RM 10 for each book . This is not the first time and it repeatedly happened to me due to my 'nevermind i can pay' minded. But if there is a way I can extend my borrowing term online or upon calling them ,at least, maybe that sum can be save for my car fuels or handphone reload.-shalz

bibliobibuli said...

once in london i took a book back and found the fine was far more than the book had cost new. oh boy i kicked up a fuss!

i can't be trusted borrowing books so i don't anymore, not even from friends.

Anonymous said...

Eep.. don't they send you letters way before that ?

Yusuf/Martin said...

My apologies and I will return that Shakespeare compendium to Halifax library (England)I borrowed back in 1968 as soon as I find it - somewhere in Colchester I think!