Friday, May 30, 2008

Write Something Beautiful, Win a Gold Ring

Sophie Briquet of French on-line advertising agency heaven wrote to tell me about a writing competition which you might like to enter. The agency works to promote luxury brands and in particular the well known place Vendome Jeweler, Boucheron.

Sophie writes :
Following the “delits d’initiés” (literally insiders trading) evening organized at place Vendome during the which Boucheron invited a few privileged french bloggers, Boucheron is organizing a literary contest called “Quatre” . The contest invites one to write about precious moments of lives. Unforgettable moments or memories or simply dreams.

Here is the concept of the contest in a few words :
  • Write a text where you reveal a moment of intimacy that you consider to be precious
  • Any form is accepted (song, poem; dialogue, short story, simple prose, haiku…)
  • Your text is limited to 2,500 characters (spaces incuded)
  • You can write in French, English or Japanese
  • Duration of the contest : 15th May - 30th June
The most beautiful texts will be published on the website alongside interviews of well known French luxury celebrities such as Inès de la Fressange , Aïssa Maïga, Isild Le Besco. The jury will select the most beautiful testimony (one for each language) of precious moment and the winners will receive the precious ring from the Quatre Ors collection.

Further information and the rules cn also be found on the website.


Chet said...

That's 2,500 characters, or approximately 500 words (averaging word length to 5 characters each).

Strange how they specify a character count, instead of the usual word count.

bibliobibuli said...

just enjoy.

zona marie said...

i reckon the 'character count' is because of the french and japanese languages.