Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Death by Pudding!!

Here's news on the next KL Poetry Slam and it sounds so yummy!

The theme is ... Death by Pudding!
Date: 28th June 2008

Venue: KL PAC, Pentas 1
Sentul Park, Jalan Strachan, Off Jalan Ipoh, 51100 K. L..

Time: 8:10pm

Ever felt the urge to write an ode to chocolate cake? Or a sonnet about coffins? Perhaps you prefer limericks in which old ladies choke on apple crumble? At June's KL Poetry Slam, you get the chance to wax lyrical about life's two certainties (forget taxes!) : Death and Dessert.

Be as romantic or as morbid as you wish - and you might also find that being obnoxious will get you extra points!

Poets should prepare three poems (approx three minutes in length each). The poem for the first round MUST be inspired by or based on the theme.

Register by emailing Daphne at info@dramprojects.com. You can also direct all questions about the slam to Daphne who can be reached at 016-328 1513.
Forget not, please, that Sat 28th June is also the date for MPH Breakfast Club featuring Elmo Jayawardena, and Readings@Seksan's. Who said nothing literary ever happens in this city?


Madcap Machinist said...


animah said...

Can I just write something and get someone else to perform??

Not that I'm a poet, but dessert? Chocolate. That's way too inspiring to say no to.

Now that you've tempted us with that photo, will KL Poetry Slam feed us too?

bibliobibuli said...

perform your poems, animah. that's why slam is so nice - it gets non-poets enthused too.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Aaah...right up my alley! Thanks for the info!

bibliobibuli said...

yep. the food bloggers should go for it.

Leon Wing said...

I luv cakes and puddings. If the Slam also includes REAL ones on that nite I'll go get off on some, as food for thought for 3 poems.