Wednesday, June 11, 2008

An Invitation to Chiew-Siah Tei's Launch

Here's an invitation to a talk and very special book-launch!
Tampin born and Glasgow based Chiew-Siah Tei is launching her first novel, Little Hut of Leaping Fishes, longlisted for the inaugural Man Asian Literary Prize in 2007. It’s a sweeping tale of sibling rivalry, cultural upheaval and the indelible power of blood ties, set during the dying days of Imperial China.

Book fans and aspiring writers alike – join us on 19 June to meet this inspiring writer!

Exclusive Pre-Launch Talk

The evening will start with an exclusive pre-launch talk where she will talk about her experience researching and writing the novel as well as the road she took to get it published.

Date: Thursday 19 June 2008

Time: 7.30p.m – 8.15p.m

Venue: British Council, South Block, Wisma Selangor Dredging

This is a free event but places are limited – please RSVP via email to or call 03-2723 7988 by Tuesday 17 June.

Launch of Little Hut of Leaping Fishes

Date: Thursday 19 June 2008

Time: 8.30p.m – 10.00p.m

Venue: (As above)

This event is open to public – no registration required.

The first 50 guests will receive an exclusive goodie bag. Light refreshments will be served.

For more info and directions to the venue, visit our website .
The novel is published by Picador Asia and distributed by Pansing. And it's in the bookshops already!


shalyzad said...

I really miss book review, last time i attended was during my secondary. Joining some local sasterawans at DBP , and having their signature on thier book, or snap few photos with the writer himself is sumthing i miss very much. Now i am with the army, but the passion is still there. I wish can be part of the audien. Writers are people that i most saluted, wish i can be one of them one day.

bibliobibuli said...

yes, we should all salute them and feel very very proud of their achievements. hope you cna make it to some author events another time. there is a lot more going on now. ... or maybe we could pack up some writers and bring them along to your army camp?!

Abdullah said...

It's so unfair that everything happens in KL...why don't u bring the party down to JB once in a while?

bibliobibuli said...

should do that to ... and in penang and in kucing ... and ...

shalyzad said...

sharon - mayb they can come to my camp, read sum patriotic lines to the soldiers. Sum war poets and novelists well celebrated like Apollinaire, Sasson, Wilfred Owen , Allan Seeger (WW2).

bibliobibuli said...

sounds like a fun idea ... and sounds like you have the inspiration to organise an event of your own! where are you stationed btw?

but patriotic? owen and sassoon were angry with the meaningless loss of life and in that sense very anti the government of the day.

Chet said...

I have put up the info on the website, along with info about Shirley Lim's book launch at Silverfish on 14 June, and also a private launch of The Twisted Stethoscope, another Malaysian book - all this happening within the next 10 days! This is trully an exciting time for the Malaysian book publishing industry.

bibliobibuli said...

great chet. i have put a link to your site in the sidebar. and well done discovering another book i hadn't even heard of an info of its launch. now am going in search.

shalyzad said...

I am now stationed at Sikamat Camp, Seremban,the 4th Royal Artillery Regiment and we are so called ' The Gunners ' . Emm..I little doubt nowday soldiers are inspired by the patriotic literary.Thanks for real info on owen and sasson. Got to read more on that.

animah said...

Oh no, that's the day I'm offshore.