Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cean's Big Night Out

Thought you might like this scoop ...
said Cean sending me her photos of last night's award ceremony for the Utusan Group Literary Prize. The award is now in it's 23rd year, while the category for English Young Adults' novel is in its second.

Above, the first and second prize winners in the English Young Adult novel category with their spouses. 1st prize winner is Seliong a/k Wau (second from left). He comes from Sarawak but is now a remisier staying in Klang. Cean, of course, is the glamorous lady in black!

The winners standing by the backdrop. 3rd prize winner, Sherifah could not attend and was represented by proud husband Encik Hafiz. Sherifah is a lecturer at UiTM, Shah Alam.

All winners on stage.

I haven't stuck up the pic of Siti Nurhaliza who provided the entertainment, but might if you mob me. But this little aside in Cean's email is priceless :
Btw, A.Samad Said the venerable white-bearded one rapped some verses from a "puisi" and I believe I saw him do a hop step. He is probably looking into cutting an album on Poetry Rap!

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Amir said...

More batik per square inch than any other photo you have ever posted?