Saturday, July 12, 2008

KL Fringe Festival

Oops! Forgot to put up this note for the KL Fringe Festival which started yesterday and runs to 27th July, incorporating some very interesting events including creative writing, performance, video and film, visual arts, installations and books. Do check out the programme on Kakiseni, and Zubin Mohamad's festival blog for information about what's on and where.

I was a bit perplexed about the term "fringe festival" because I had always assumed that the term implies a main festival around which other more indie things happen. For some reason I had no idea that there was a main KL Festival going on! (And here too there are several interesting literary events including poetry readings.)

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zubin said...

Dear Sharon, thank you for putting this up. The event is very small, nothing to do with Festival Kuala Lumpur. In fact we hardly have any support apart from DBP free space, which we are very grateful. This is just the beginning. The event is now stretched to 8 August for finale event with Musical Chaos -6 bands and dance jamming! Hopefully, next year, we do English work also!