Saturday, August 16, 2008

Arun's Hero

Hot on the heels of Shanon Shah's successful Aircon, another of the FIRSTWoRKS-nurtured playwrights, Arun Subramaniam, makes his debut :
“Hero” tells the story of the anguish suffered by a family following the death of the father - a politician who is mysteriously assassinated. The story is told through the eyes of his wife, his fourteen-year-old son, and by the dead man himself. The man a potential hero in the Indian community refuses to remain silent, thereby adding to the mystery and illuminating a murder that has gripped not just the Tamil community, but also the entire nation.

As the trio tell their story through dialogue and monologue, through flash back and present day events, a sinister and uneasy web forms, linking affairs of state, power, faith and ego. Who has assassinated this man? And why? Ultimately, however, “Hero“ transgresses national and political interests, and arrives at that most intimate and unique of spaces: the family home.
Directed by Jo Kukathas and Zalfian Fuzi, and starring Indi Nadarajah, Anne James and introducing Ley Shahrwind, the play runs August 27 - 31 at Actors Studio, Bangsar.

Details of performance times and ticket prices are here.

You can watch a trailer for the play on Facebook.

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