Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Blokes Bribed to Books with Beer

Luring blokes to read books with free beer * is a new one to me!

The organisers of New Zealand Book Month have announced a special evening of activities aimed at fathers and their sons to encourage blokes to pick up books .

Timed to coincide with Father's Day and entitled A Word in his Ear, the aim of the event at Auckland Town Hall is to promote reading as a "manly" activity :
in an evening of male bonding over sports, adventure and literature.
Abebooks meanwhile has a very good list of Kiwi fiction.

(*Found via Literary Saloon)
(Pic shows Speight's beer which is brewed in New Zealand, but of course I have eno idea what brand of beer will be served.)


Yusuf/Martin said...

Despite the fact that I already ready when writing permits,and putting aside the fact that I am a Muslim these days, beer never did hold any interest for me. What then? A dry Martini? my old favourite Southern Comfort on the rocks? Pink Champers? I wonder does the drink get bigger and better if the novel is long - a crate of Ale for War and Peace!

Abdullah said...

Might be a bit difficult to focus on the words when one has blurred vision!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Father's Day is celebrated much later in NZ than everywhere else around the world...


lil ms d said...

off topic: sharon will there be a merdeka readings?

bibliobibuli said...

yusof - good questions! and i wonder if the beer is speight's?

Poppadumdum - dunno. the UK and US father's days and mother's days and goodness knows what else days are different.

ms d - no need to ask q's off topic y'now - facebook is a good way to reach me!

and yes, i am planning for 30th aug and have a good line up. will send word out v. soon.

Anonymous said...

There's been a speight of RUI - Reading Under the Influence :-)))

- Poppadumdum

Anonymous said...

It could be Bass. I'm told that's warm beer.