Monday, August 18, 2008

Zain Promotes RWP

Zain's semi-flashmob thingy for the Read While You Wait Project is happening this Saturday, 23rd, not only in KL but also in Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Eindhoven.

The exact location in KL will be revealed this Wednesday. (There's a group for the project on Facebook).

To promote the event Zain has put together three promotional videos which features brief snippets of folks you know and love - including me! Here's the first :

The other versions are here and here and you can hear an interview with Zain in the latest episode of The Fairly Current Show.


Siege said...

Oh, Shar! I love how you're called a Book Diva! I wanna get something equally fun to brand myself with. *hmmm...* Will come up with something later!

bibliobibuli said...

LOL. do let us know!

Anonymous said...

book slut? book goddess? book whore? :)