Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Poetry Underground @ Readings

I have so many photos from our Saturday's Readings@Seksan's that I've decided to put them up in a couple of batches.

The enthusistic young poets of Poetry Underground were launching their new collection of poems - Voices from the Underground - and we got everyone (except the very shy Nurul and Pey who is in the UK) reading one of their pieces and proving that this group is going from strength to strength.

Reza was first up and had the audience holding their breath (!) while he read a poem about a diver going deeper, deeper holding his breath. Amazing how this little ploy makes you really concentrate on the words!

Sheena Baharudin read her Dialogue in 3 Tongues - a love poem for God in English, Arabic and Malay.

Catalina Rembuyan.

Evanna Ramly read Emeralds and Sapphires - a beautiful piece spoken by a betrayed woman after the break-up of a relationship.

Hazlan read a powerful piece called Kabur, in Malay.

Kathleen read one of my favourite poems from the book - asking why people are afraid of poetry. Very apt and very true.

George read a poem that was NOT about all the controversial Malaysian issues he wanted to talk about and it ended up of course being about all the great unsaids.

Congrats to Kathleen Choo for getting this project together and for being prepapred to put her own money into the publication. No doubt it will be sold at gigs and I hope you will soon find it in the local bookshops, so do pick up a copy of this limited edition book so they can afford to publish the next one along.

Poetry Underground are loooking from fresh talent, so if you are a poet who would like to work at your craft, both on the page and in performance, please contact Kathleen via the Facebook group.


Alice Teh said...

Hi Sharon, that was really interesting!

I can't believe I missed out on the fun. I had to wanted to go so much but my migraine was really killing me after the raid at the MPH warehouse sale.

I'm making the point to attend the next one in November. Will be keeping an eye on your blog which will not be difficult because I subscribed to it via RSS. :)

Baronhawk said...


First of all, thank you for your kind post about our little Poetry Underground. It does help to for tidbits about us to be circulated in the right circles so to speak.

But more so, because, you are in part responsible for what we, the Poetry Underground, are today.

Other then The British Council and their spectacular events, their magnificent staff and the generous poets who came down to send time with us, you are one of those who have been quite influential in shaping our direction and indeed our coming into being.

It was at "readings@seksans" that many of us quite literally met and have our poetic inclinations encouraged and quickened.

And we continued to be inspired by the travails of successful Malaysian authors like Shamini, Preeta and Chiew-Siah Teh.

Who knows maybe one day we shall be there at readings flush from our own success and inspiring the next others. We can only hope and continue to persevere.

Well thanks again! May the literary angels turn their countenance upon you. May your pencil stay sharp, your pen well inked, your keyboard clicks pleasantly and your ideas never dry.



bibliobibuli said...

alice - see you next time. also bernice is organising readings@noblacktie nov 2nd and i think it will feature chiew-siah and preeta. more when i have details

baronhawk - am so touched by your words. it makes me very happy to think of writing friends meeting up at these events. really this is what it is about.

X said...

There are no great unsaids with me. If it's true I will say it.