Thursday, October 30, 2008

Readings@No Black Tie on Sunday

Bernice is organising a special edition of Readings at No Black Tie this coming Sunday with a really good list of writers lined up.


Emily said...

Hi Sharon,

I returned your copy of Iron Rooster together with a small gift; they are at Silverfishbooks!

I had a lovely afternoon with Nesa, Chet and Phek chin today! Well, of course Chet and myself had to sit in some traffic before arriving at Bangsar Village II carpark!

I have a favour to ask of you, Sharon! I left my copy of Preeta's Evening with Phek chin, could you please do me a favour? Could you kindly bring it along with you to the reading at 'no black tie' and ask pretty Preeta to sign my copy of her book? THANKS! I do hope you like my small gift I left for you!

Chet said...

Never ever go to Bangsar on a Friday afternoon. The "short" drive from the junction coming out of Pizza Hut (Seksan's) to the entrance to the BVII car park took almost 1 hour. >_<

bibliobibuli said...

i won't be at no black tie on sunday most prolly. but i will be seeing preeta again next fri.

Emily said...

Chet! you poor thing! We will not meetup at Bangsar on a Friday ever again! How about Sunway Damansara or Ikea?

Sharon! That will be great! Tks in advance!

X said...

Ikea is pretty empty on weekdays :) parking might be a problem though. If you take a bus there's a bus stop very near to it so it might be more convenient :)